Proje Danışmanlığı ve Tamamlama

Proje Danışmanlığı ve Tamamlama Project counseling and completion | SAHAN Export ltd

Sahan Export Ltd can provide its clients with options that are current, helpful, and pragmatic thanks to its experience in both project management and supply chain management. At Sahan we facilitate customers` ability to locate the most comparable products from the most useful manufacturers. 

The following are some of the projects we work on:
  • Supplying A to Z furnishing materials to hotels, headquarters, towers and schools
  • Procuring furniture factory for medium industrial firms
  • Procuring jet A-1 fueling department and  A-12 refueler trucks
  • Providing all the machines required to establish water factory 
  • Supplying commercial catering equipment for Horeca


Yıllık 300.000 ton ihracat kapasitesi

Sahan Export olarak deneyimli ve uzman ekibimiz ile ihracat ve ithalat sektöründe hizmet vermekteyiz.