Finished Projects

 Golis is a leading telecommunication company in north east Somalia region known Puntland. We supplied to Golis from A to Z equipment required by its Tower which is built in Bossaso Somalia. Also, we worked with Golis in the installation of antenna towers.

 This was a government project which we have supplied all the necessary materials of the project including GRP pipes, water pumps, fittings, electrical materials and accessories in 2014.

Somali Regional Water Resource Development Bureau Jijiga

 The factory delivers potable water to Galkayo residents; thus, it is the lifeline of thousands of people. In the early stages of the establishment, we had the role of the coordination and the management of the factory installation.

 Daryeel is medium sized company that produces home furniture and exports its products to across Somalia. We are enormously proud to be consulted in the development stage until we are given the responsibility of the factory installation.

 We are given the project of operationalization the fueling department in the Bosaso Airport, we supplied to the department the required equipment and the man power. The project was successfully completed.

 After we contested among other firms, we are entrusted in supplying the Green Rogue to the Kismayo Stadium.

  Submersible Water pumps  and Generators  tender  

60,000 tons export capacity per year

Sahan Export is engaged in export and import sector with its experienced staff and expert teams.